Lost your business goals? I’ll find them for you!

 As a Woman in Business, you want to be heard.

The problem is that with all the pushing and shoving of making your business work, you somehow lost sight of the goal.

As a result:

  • You started making rash impulsive decisions based on what was going to bring the money in.
  • Your motivation levels have no consistency – you’re up and down daily.
  • And Finances – well let’s just say you have no idea where the next dollar is coming in from with your Business.
  • You’re tired of the facade of perfection, and are FINALLY ready to GET REAL so that your business IS an extension of you.


Zen Hustler Soul Sessions are a combination of Intuitive Life Guidance + Kick-ass Biz Strategy.

Think ::: Conscious Clarity + Super Strategies + Massive Action = Make Shit Happen.

This is like nothing I have EVER offered before, as my focus has been solely on pure biz growth strategies. To be honest I’m not sure how long it will be available for.

These are available right now! For only $111you can buy 1 hour or a monthly package for $444.

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1 x 60 Minute Session – $111

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A month of Zen

  • 3 x 45 minute Sessions
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Did you know that you are your worst business enemy?

Believe it or not, if your business isn’t doing as well as you want it to, it’s because of recurring thought process that’s hindering your growth.

Do you ever:

  • Get insecure about your business and feel you got lost somewhere along the way?
  • Never know where the money is going to come in from and start making rash decisions to get it?
  • Feel unmotivated and tired of trying to keep your business afloat?
  • Feel like your business is going nowhere and you’re struggling for nothing?

This is an issue most businesswomen face, to change the way you do business for the better, you must be constantly changing and improving or watch your business burn to the ground.
Do you want to keep struggling, or do you want to improve your business?
This is completely different to my purely business sessions, in that I’m doing an intuitive reading which focuses on the issues from the inside out.

Are you ready to change yourself to change your business?

My Zen Hustler Soul Sessions are a combination of intuitive life guidance and business strategy that will pull you and your business out of the mud and into the top ten!



With Zen Hustler Soul Sessions you get:

  • Intuitive life guidance
  • Kick-ass business strategy
  • The tools you need to take action
  • The knowledge you want to feel secure in your business decisions
  • Personalised help

All this for only $111 per session (60 mins)



  • Feeling secure in your decisions
  • Ditching the rescue mode for your business
  • Running a successful business that’s an extension of you
  • Not having to worry about whether you’re on track or not.

Other coaching is expensive, into the hundreds of dollars, but because this is a limited time offer I can give you this help at only $111/hour or $444 a month.
Are you ready to stop being mediocre and start being awesome?

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1 x 60 Minute Session – $111


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A month of Zen


  • 3 x 45 minute Sessions
  • Email support
  • Private FB group