Business Bling Bam!

Your Explosive Strategy Session to Create Clarity, Structure and a Map to Get You There

Do you want something so badly you can taste it? Those juicy dribbles of prosperity, freedom, fun, passion, success . . .

But are you at a loss on how to actually get it? Trying to get everything done, knowing that most of it is just spinning your wheels, but hoping that one day, someday, something will pay off?

Or maybe you have so many passions and interests and amazing ideas that you get confused just thinking about them all . . . and you end up so lost and overwhelmed that you don’t end up doing anything.

Imagine this:100% crystal clarity on what you want, and how to create it

That delicious certainty, knowing you can have what you want, when you want

A fresh and fabulous path to prosperity, outlining your key cash cows and what’s draining your energy and your business

A step-by-step roadmap to your desires incorporating your weekly and monthly play, practicality, and everything in between

Want in?

It’s time to STOP doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. It’s time to take big, bold steps into a new frontier – a frontier where a sassy, sparkly, spunky Business Blingstress has your back.  😉

As the Business Blingstress, I can see your blind spots. I know what’s holding you back from having the success you deserve. And I know how to get you there – no BS.

So if you’re ready to get clear, get direction, and get moving, you need a Business Bling Bam.

Bling Bam your Business!

This is more than a coaching session. Your Business Bling Bam package includes:

  • A 2-hour 1:1 Explosive Strategy Session – this is where you get me all to yourself! We’ll get absolutely clear on what you want to create, and work back from there to now to figure out the Explosive Strategy that will get you there.
  • A Crystal Clarity Headstart – before our 1:1 session with insightful, intuitive and intriguing questions to bring what you really want to a conscious level, so that we can hit the ground running in your Strategy Session!
  •  The Map to Your Desires – we’ll map out how you can achieve your goals with monthly and weekly milestones, including your offerings, price points, client numbers and more!
  • A 30-minute Accountability Follow-up Call – 30 days after our session I’ll be checking up on you and holding you accountable to actually DOING your action items and ACHIEVING your dreams.
  • 1-week of email support – these sessions are amazingly transformational (that’s why they’re called ‘Explosive’), so I’m here to support you through the adjustment period as you implement these changes in your daily life.


You will walk away from your Explosive Strategy Session with a Roadmap for Success, and if you take action, you will get results.

However, I will call you out if your goals aren’t in alignment with your vision and desires. While this is a strategy session, it’s also a wake-up reality check on whether your goals are achievable. I may be sparkly and spectacular, but I don’t sugar-coat.

Don’t miss out!

If you’re ready to get clarity on your desires and get the strategy to create them, buy your Business Bling Bam today for just $997!

Cost: $997

monique_caratThis elite program requires a chat. It’s for action-takers who aren’t scared to take risks and step out of their comfort zones. Sound like you?

Email with the subject line ’21 Carat Bling’ and I’ll be in touch.