Win a Snugbod!!

I am beyond excited!!

This is the very first ever Snugbods competition!

Just imagine slipping on your very own Snugbod.
Oh so comfy and sleek, made just how you wanted it.
And feeling the thrill of confidence as you realize you’ll never
have to worry about flashing your belly or butt as you move through your day.

Now the practical glamour of Snugbods can be yours,
just for the asking.


Here’s a chance for you to win one of THREE snugbods just by telling me why you should have one!!

This is what you need to do …

3 Simple Steps to Winning Your very own Snugbods Bodysuit valued at $60

STEP 1. Go over to our Facebook page  and click on like

STEP 2. When you click on “like” a box will come up allowing you to suggest our Snugbods page to friends, simply copy and paste this and pop it in the box “just found the new Snugbods range for Women, go check it out!”

STEP 3. Tell me why YOU should win a Snugbod by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

How easy is that!


I’m going to award the snugbods for each of the following categories –

  • Make it FUNNY – just let your humour rip! Tell us your funniest fashion disaster.
  • Make it POIGNANT – are you going to a job interview? Are you cash strapped?
  • Make it REAL – How could Snugbods change your life? Do you struggle with finding clothes that fit like a glove?

POST your entry right here as a blog comment, competition closes 23rd March 2012. Winner will be announced 26th March 2012.

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Lyle Boyne says:

Hey! I just found your webpage: Win a Snugbod!! | when I was surfing around stumbleupon.com. It looks as though someone enjoyed your website so much they decided to bookmark it. I’ll certainly be coming here more often.

Jill McDougall says:

I would love a snug bod to hold in all the bits and pieces that poke out and make my clothing look like a bag of spuds when I least want to look like a bag of spuds. Most of all I would like one so I can tell everyone how good a snug bod is and make all of those other lovely ladies spud less too, give you more sales, to make more great products for us bags of spuds.

Sharon Johnson says:

Love some sparkle from Snugbod,
As I get way to many nods from the tradie’s,
Chest is heading for the border,
As is my bum it’s getting broader,
Maybe it’s in the water,
Oh ! May I be a little tauter,
With your help I’ll look sportier!

Sharon Fawcett says:

Like a lot of other Mums I also have a lot of jiggly areas on my body or as the kids like to say ‘Mummy’s Yummy Jelly’ But I’ve been trying hard and exercising to lose wait which I sometimes find difficult as when I jog having my belly bounce up and down is a very unpleasant sensation and whilst in group PT classes I hate doing any exercises that may risk exposing my my love handles and jelly belly to other participants (especially the young skinny girls, I don’t want to put them off having children!)

Chez says:

I would love a Snugbod to keep all my flabby bits held in sleekly and smoothly. I have an immune disease which I need to receive life saving plasma monthly to stay alive. This requires me to take medications which make me balloon out and I am way too tired all the time to do enough exercise to burn the flab. My daughters are dating and embarrassed about their mum being ‘a pred head’ Please help Snugbods :)

Where do I start?? I am a larger girl and I have had a back injury so my tummy muscles are shot! What I find is that tops in my size are always toooooo short! I am also losing weight atm so my pants are always slipping down…as a photographer/videographer it can be a little difficult to put your body in awkward positions without your flabby bits showing! Plus I would love to have a smoother silouette so I can wear a long dress that’s a little fitted.

Congratulations Leanne! You have won in the Real Category. Please email your phone number to me :)

A snugbod for me please!!! after 8 children, 4 of those c-sections, my bod will never be the same. Im sick of looking pregnant and bloating all the time, i feel embarrassed and self conscious. Lumps & bumps can be a thing of the past, huge undies felt like they were going to break my ribs & i could hardly breathe, i gather people will just have to like me the way i am, but i feel terrible, like a spare tyre is strangling my mid section.

Chon Ky says:

My bones in my lower back & pelvis have started to deteriorate at a young age. After having 2 children it’s worsened & I’ve gone up 2 dress sizes in a year because I can’t exercise much because of the constant pain. I am very embarrassed about the weight gain & feel humiliated that I’m going to look very lumpy at my cousin’s wedding next month, after the family is used to seeing me as a size 8. The Snugbod would really help to restore my self confidence and not make me feel so emabarrassed about the extra weight I hate carrying around.

Congratulations Chon! You are one of the winners in the Poignant Category. Please email your contact number to me :)

Kristie says:

After my second baby (Avery, who was stillborn) my entire body had changed shape. Clothes that originally worked on me, no longer did. My entire wardrobe no longer flattered me, and I was left emotionally spent through grief, and also disatisfaction with my clothes made me feel more depressed. I think something that flattered my body would be so beneficial now that I am rebuilding my wardrobe.

Congratulations Kristie you are one of the winners in the Poignant category. Please email your number to me :)

Oh one of these would be PERFECT to go under my wedding dress!! Hide my lumps and bumps!! Lost 30 kilos since May 2011 and now with my wedding just around the corner – the excess skin that won’t tone up needs smoothing out! or I will look like I have a triple muffin top in my wedding dress!

Raelene Graham says:

Aging and children have taken their toll!
Love handles,muffin top now out of control!
C-section left my tummy distorted
Tried Diet and exercise,just can’t be thwarted!
Save my fashion future! -it’s looking bleak!
Need a snugbod by Monique !

Nee Say says:

Snugbod?! Everything on THIS bod is SNUG!! Love to win a Snugbod to suck in my baby belly, smooth my back flaps and streamline my childbearing hips!!! I struggle to go any were without feeling self conscious about my lumps and bumps and I’m the Queen of the sucker-in-er undies but they are super uncomfortable. Great comp. Thanks! x

Brenda says:

Seriously now…

I have a belly that look and feels like jelly.
Or maybe it’s my bum that makes me feel glum.

Nevertheless I’ve heard it’s best
to keep my poor belly close to my chest.

To add poise to a garment and a sleeker new look
A great new concept in my book
I’ll win me a snugbod and sparkle and shine,
all will be well and I’ll feel fine.

I will wine and dine in comfort and ease ,
Pass me the platter, pretty please.

No-one will know, No-one can tell that my belly
is like jelly and my bum makes me glum.

When I improve my physique
wearing Snugbod’s by Monique…

Love this competition and love the look of your snug bods Monique/

Congratulations Brenda! You have won in the Funny category. Please email your number to me :)

Susie says:

I want to win a snugbod because I over eat. I never seem to learn my lesson. I will eat and eat and eat – and the worst part is i’m dating, and need to keep this gut DOWN after my date… he’s nice and fit and goes to the gym and doesn’t seem to have this problem. I can’t even wear those huge massive ‘hold you in’ underwear cos they are so unattractive and look disasterous under my feminine dresses. So snugbods, here I come. Hold me in and do your thing 😉 hehehe

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