One Of My Secret Weapons


Why is that you can set out with the best of intentions, to be healthier, more attractive and full of energy, and yet something stops you from sticking with it?

That was me for many years.

Always searching

for the latest fad

for that magical instant solution

for somebody or something to solve the problem.

In hindsight, it all came down to a few simple principles that would deliver those magical results I was looking for.

Perhaps not so instantaneous, but magical nonetheless. Once I made the decision to get healthy an Angel by the name of Casey McCluskey crossed my (interweb) path, and boy am I glad that she did. Working with her has taken me from that yoyo, seeking external gratification space – to seeking simple & clean foods that nourish me on all levels.

I would love to introduce you to Casey McCluskey who is a Nutritionist & Life Coach as well as a Detox, Wellness & Raw Foods Counsellor. I wanted to interview Casey so she could personally share her  journey that pushed her onto the path of wholeness + wellness and ultimately create Healthy, Hot & Energized with hubby Phillip McCluskey.


Casey & Monique's Interview


Casey also shares TWO things you can do RIGHT NOW to instantly start feeling healthier + happier.

Here is the link to their free training http://www.healthyhotenergized.vip2site.com/freetraining3?orid=57&opid=4

This is Philip and Casey answering all the questions their $1,000 a month clients often ask, and sharing the same keys to success too, holding nothing back.

I just love the way they do it too. No gimmicks and hype, just talking to you openly and directly about what truly matters – you getting real results with your health and energy.

You can get those kinds of incredible results too, whether it’s losing weight, getting toned, increasing energy or looking more attractive. The steps aren’t really that difficult, it’s getting yourself to do them – consistently – which can seem so hard. I know, I’ve been there too.

But this Guaranteed Success Blueprint is the real deal. Practice it and just watch what happens! I know I have experienced amazing results.

Watch the video to get started, and let me know what happens;


If I could get you access to a couple who have, between them, got incredible results for themselves and thousands of others just like you, and get them to: 1 Answer the most frequently asked questions they’ve got and 2 Walk you through a 6 step Blueprint which in their experience GUARANTEES success, would you listen?

Well, I hope so. I wish someone had just looked me in the eyes like this all those years ago before I met Casey,  and shared this with me. What a difference it would have made. Wow!

Watch this video to see what I’m talking about:

Do yourself a favor and watch these videos, they are jam packed with great info that you can action immediately.

What’s your plan of action after watching the videos? I would LOVE you to share below :)

With love

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P.S Phil and Casey won’t be leaving these videos up for much longer, so I suggest watching them NOW while you can. What are you waiting for? You can also sign up for their free teleseminar here. You get direct access to both Casey & Phillip, so I’m really excited about this one.


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