How to wear coloured jeans.

Once you hit 30, 35, 40…( it doesn’t matter which milestone, because each one can make it seem harder to dress age appropriate)  trying to stay “trendy” can be difficult. No one wants to look like mutton dressed as lamb!

So if you are dying to try out this seasons coloured jeans (like me), but are afraid you can’t wear them, I have put together some tips that just might make them work for you!

  • Firstly don’t spend a fortune on them because chances are you won’t want them next year.
  • If you have a “muffin top” of a bit of a podgy belly go for a pair with a higher rise. (This means they waist line is more up round your belly button than low on your hips) Don’t worry about looking daggy you won’t be tucking in any of your tops but it will give you a smoother, slimmer line under them.
  • If you need slimming below the waist, choose a dark coloured pair such as Wine, Bottle Green or Teal rather than bright or light colours. This will also give your look a more “mature” feel.
  • Team your coloured jeans with neutral coloured garments (you don’t want to look like a Circus Clown). Black, Brown, Grey, Winter White, Beige could all work.
  • Keep your tops and accessories fairly safe or classic to play down the “trendiness” of your look.
  • If you are worried about your bum looking huge in coloured jeans, try pairing with a long line Jacket, Cardigan or Tunic Top (in the appropriate shape according to your figure type)  to cover the offending part.
  • And wear with a heel, even if you are going casual, a wedge is a great option. Heels always make your legs look longer, slimmer and more shapely!
  • Don’t forget to have an attention grabbing focal point near your face such as gorgeous warm scarf or a statement necklace to draw attention upwards. This makes you look taller and slimmer!
This article was written by Dee Noney. For more info about Dee and her 
services, go to www.stylesatisfation.com.au


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