Adios 2012

ma’a as-salāmah مع السلامة | Au revoir | Αντίο adio | Ciao | Hambani kahle



So long, farewell Auf Weidersehen, goodbye…cue Sound of Music tune :)

It dawned on me today that I haven’t officially said goodbye to 2012. Have you?

Ok so I know we’re nearly at March, and I probably should have gone through this over 6 weeks ago. Truth is I was distracted with my precious Princess on School holidays and it’s taken me a little bit longer than expected to get back in the zone. Reason #21,007 why I love running my own business :)

2012 was a trying year for me, but it also offered me major growth, as well as possibilities and hope.

I will forever be grateful for this year that passed and all the planetary disasters – NOT! How many planetary returns can we have in one year lol

I learned so much more about myself and who I was this past year.

2012 showed me:

  • How small I was playing.
  • That I was giving away my power by trying to please everyone.
  • My deep seated insecurities
  • An outlet for my creativity
  • Endless possibilities
  • A blank canvas
  • That I was just existing behind a facade

I was also blessed to be personally mentored by awesome coaches who called me on my shit.

I finally reconnected with Spirit again, whilst staying grounded. In the past I have either floated so high above that I thought that Peace + Love would fix everything. Whilst I know they still can and do, I am also smart enough to realize that there also needs to be manual effort on my part.

Yes I can put the intention out there, think positive and affirm that all is well. But if I don’t take action, I just can’t possibly manifest that which I truly desire. God helps those who help themselves. This is the part that most people don’t realize, God and his Angels and Saints are always here to help, but firstly we need to ask and then take inspired action.

Last year was exciting, but boy was I shit scared too. Change is never all sunshine and roses.

There are depths of despair, confusion and self doubt. This is the part that nobody ever talks about when they are emerging from that dark cocoon they have been holed up in. It’s still scary even when you come out armed with all this new armor.

I bid a fond farewell to 2012.

Last year I was saying, I just had to get through until 2013 when all would be perfect.

Truth is, it’s just another year. Yes there is a different energy and I have a different mindset, but there is also the same risks as the previous year to let time just pass me by before I take massive action. So I don’t do things like post something 6 weeks late :)

So I am posting this publicly, both as a declaration and as a reminder to you and me to take action EVERYDAY. Regardless of how big or small that step is to get you to your big goal.

Have you said goodbye to 2012?

What were your learnings?

Sharing is caring. Be sure to impart your aha moments below.

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My moment of truth came at a marketing conference. Surrounded by entrepreneurs selling info products, I felt out of place and out of my league with my Snugbods bodysuits.

Then it hit me – I was hiding behind my product!

As sexy and spectacular as my bodysuits were, I was using them as an excuse to play small. At that moment I decided – NO MORE!

As the Business Blingstress, my mission is to EMPOWER conscious, heart-centred women to reclaim their sparkle in their life and business. Catapulting from no business experience, I am building a business EMPIRE, which includes the revolutionary Snugbods Bodysuits and the eco-stylish Glass Straws. I now coach and mentor women ready to play big, monetize their strengths, and command success in all areas of their life.

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