I’m not perfect. This is my journey.


My moment of truth came at a marketing conference.

Surrounded by entrepreneurs selling info products, I felt completely LOST, raising my hand and saying, “but I just sell bodysuits.” I had no idea how any of these strategies applied to me.

Then it hit me – I was hiding behind my product!

The catalyst for my SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, I realised it was time to step up and show up as my authentic self – in both my business and life.

As sexy and spectacular as my bodysuits were, I was using them as an excuse to play small.

So I decided – NO MORE!

Now I’m a Glamma Mumma Business Diva! Born and raised in Sydney Australia, my mission is to EMPOWER you to reclaim your sparkle in your life and business.

But I have to tell you something. And it may shock you . . .

. . . I wasn’t born an entrepreneur.

In fact, I had no fashion experience AT ALL when I launched the revolutionary Snugbods Bodysuits (in fact, I didn’t even know how to sew on a button!).

Sick and tired of feeling awkward and uncomfortable in my skinny jeans, after I had my precious Little Princess I was no longer willing to sacrifice my love of GLAMOUR and FASHION for comfort.

Women deserve to FEEL good as well as LOOK good. So, short of inventing a pair of stilettos made of clouds, Snugbods is my contribution to the comfort of classy and fashionable women everywhere. (Click here for the embarrassing full scoop on why I really created Snugbods.)

While it may not seem like much, I know that when I’m distracted by my top rolling up, or potentially scarring someone for life when I bend over, I can’t be present as the AMAZING, INTUITIVE BLINGSTRESS I am.

And it’s the same for you – how can you SHINE and create the life and business you want if you’re worried about muffin tops, plumbers’ cracks and boob flashing?

By creating a SEXY and STREAMLINED silhouette, Snugbods give you the external confidence to CATAPULT your inner revolution.

And so I kicked my inner revolution into gear! I ELIMINATED wheat, sugar and dairy from my diet and am now semi-vegan (I only have eggs and seafood). I LOVE raw foods and am ADDICTED to my green smoothies!

While it was hard at first when my mum brought out the baklava at family events, I made it through the wilderness and now I feel AWESOME, inside and out!

My love of juicing and new healthy lifestyle INSPIRED my next business venture, when I glimpsed a picture of something that looked like a straw made of GLASS. I started to wonder if it really existed . . .

I found one online and, while my juices tasted INCREDIBLE through the glass straw, it was too long for my martini glass. Something had to be done – I contacted the manufacturer, and 3 WEEKS LATER I was selling my super eco-stylish Glass Straws through my new website!

Who says eco-consciousness isn’t SEXY?

What you need to know

Boob TubeI created Snugbods Bodysuits and Glass Straws with no previous product experience.

I messed up. I got lost. I stopped altogether.

But then I found my feet.

I got grounded, found a mentor, and my success SKYROCKETED!

And now I can help you be authentic and align your personality and brand to Bling your Business!

Authenticity sells, so I’ll be straight with you – I’m not perfect. My life isn’t always sequins and roses, and I’ve made a commitment to be more authentic in my own business, sharing my highs AND my lows, to INSPIRE you to do the same.

image0071Because takes real COURAGE to be truly, deeply, soul-wrenchingly authentic, especially with your clients, where we feel like we have to have it all figured out.

So I’m striving to walk my talk. I was disconnected from myself for a long time before I GOT BACK IN TOUCH.

And, as I peel back the layers and get closer and closer to the real me, I feel myself being called to do so many things. I’m honouring them, and I want you to HONOUR YOUR PURPOSE as well.

From my time in the corporate world, to setting up TWO thriving businesses, to having the PRIVILEGE to mentor heart-centred, conscious women like you, my approach is, shall we say, UNIQUE.

I love working with my INTUITION. I love candles, angel cards, oracle cards and incense. I believe in manifestation and the law of attraction. But, I combine this WOO WOO-NESS with concrete business and marketing savvy to create instant transformations in your life and business.


Intuition + Structure = Business BLING!

10 juicy facts about me!


  1. I come from a big Lebanese family and have TWENTY-NINE nieces and nephews, with TWO MORE on the way!
  2. I’m a recovering adrenaline junkie – from my days of going from bungee jump to motorbike to fast car, I’m now savouring the balance between the EXTREME and the everyday.
  3. I’m married to my WONDERFUL Mr Handsome, and our 7-year-old Little Princess is a junior Blingstress, constantly telling people about Snugbods and all our different styles!
  4. I love ALL music, from classical to pop to hard-core rap, so if you hear me mumbling something offensive don’t stress – it’s not you!
  5. If I was a FAMOUS POP STAR, I’d be a cross between J.Lo and Shakira, who’s half Lebanese! (And I always wanted to be South American growing up!)
  6. I once saw a flash go off and instinctively struck a pose. It turned out that it was actually lightening and my hubby and family have NEVER let me live it down!
  7. Always the SUPERSTAR, I was so excited when Virgin Australia launched and I could walk down the stairs from the plane to the tarmac like a celebrity. The first time I landed I left the plane, raised my hand to do the Queen’s wave . . . and Mr Handsome WASN’T THERE! He stole my superstar moment, and it took me two days to forgive him, ha ha!
  8. I love cupcakes, rainbows, shoes, statement pieces, anything that sparkles, books, dancing, green juices (with Glass Straws), and nourishing my body with clean, simple foods. This means you’ll find posts on my blog about cupcakes, rainbows, shoes . . . lol! Seriously though, you’ll find posts on health stuff and fashion stuff, as well as the business and transformation stuff.
  9. I love working from home and, as GLAM as I love to look, you’ll sometimes catch me in my pjs at 3pm!
  10. I have a CONFESSION to make . . . life isn’t perfect. While I have an awesome, THRIVING business and family, I’m not the perfect entrepreneur or the perfect mum. As you’ve discovered, I work in my pjs, and my family sometimes makes do with sandwiches when I don’t get dinner on the table. But there’s HAPPINESS, FUN, and SPARKLING SUCCESS in both my family and my business.

To discover how you can be a perfectly imperfect, sparkly SUCCESS in your business and life, work with me.

Go forth and SPARKLE!

In glamour and comfort,

P.S To get the embarassing full scoop on why I really created Snugbods, Go here.